Packing and Unpacking Services


Packing and Unpacking Services in Oahu

Most residential moving accidents are caused by improper prepping. For every residential move, belongings must be properly wrapped and prepped. Our professional trained packers in Oahu wrap each piece of furniture in our finest protective materials to prevent these issues. We can help you pack and unpack your belongings upon request. We offer a full packaging service and a partial packing service for all of our customers. There are no additional rate changes for this service, however, we do charge to supply moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape and wrapping paper. A pricing sheet for our materials can be issued to you upon request. If you would like to save a few extra bucks, you can always provide your moving supplies to our movers.

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Full Packing Service

Our full packaging service is our most popular option for several reasons in Oahu. First, allowing our professional moving team to properly pack your belongings will minimize risk of damage. Our movers are professionally trained to pack and unpack your belongings while using the best techniques and packing supplies. Second, there are no rate changes to use our full packing service, so why not take advantage of it. If you are going to pay a moving company to move your place of residence, you might as well enjoy the luxury of allowing us to do everything for you.

Utilizing our full packing service will free up time for you and your family to focus on things that matter. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and make the transition into your new home as seamless as possible. Last but not least, if any of your items breaks due improper packaging techniques from our moving team, we will be liable for damages incurred. 

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Partial Packing Service

If you have the extra time on your hands to pack up each room, you may want to sign up for our partial packing service. With a partial packing service, you will save money by doing the packing yourself. We encourage you to use strong, durable moving boxes and moving tape. This will prevent things from getting damaged in transition. If you need some recommendations as to where to buy moving supplies, our sales representative would be happy to help. It should be noted that we are not liable for any damaged items packed by the customer

 We will be careful and respectful with your belongings regardless of who packs them, however, often our customers who do pack their items are unexperienced with proper packaging techniques, and things can get damaged. Because of this, we do advice you to leave it to the pros, and go with our full packing service. Finally, if you do decide to pack your boxes, we advice you to label each box, so we know where it goes upon arrival. This will make the moving process easier for all of us.

Why Ewa Moving Co.

Ewa Moving Company is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial moving company located in the heart of Ewa Beach. Due to the growing number of shops, malls, offices, and homes that have recently been constructed in the previous years, founder Martin Castoe decided to create a moving business to cater to the growing demand of the west side. What started off as a small operation has turned into a full team of movers catering to all of Oahu. Ewa Moving Co. prides itself on being fast & efficient and exceeding its customer’s expectations with every move. This trusted and professional moving company believes in giving back to the community, and that is why they offer the most affordable prices for residential and commercial moves.