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Are you looking for a moving company in Oahu? You’ve come to the right place! Getting a moving quote in Oahu shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. Nothing is worse than receiving your bill after a move and noticing a list of hidden fees. At Ewa Moving Co. we promise to keep things super simple, transparent, and affordable. Before a move is booked, or payment is taken, we want to make sure that our customers know exactly what to expect. For all our residential and local moving services in Oahu, we charge a flat hourly rate. Any additional costs for materials, or boxes, will be discussed before the move is booked. Don’t get stuck overpaying for a flat-rate moving quote. Call Ewa Moving Co. today for a quick and easy over-the-phone quote. You can expect the most affordable rates on the island. Ewa Moving Co. is based out of Ewa Beach, however, our service extends throughout the entire island of Oahu

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Call Ewa Moving Co. Today
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How much does it cost to hire local movers in Oahu?

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When you are using a local moving company in Oahu, you can expect to pay either an hourly rate or a flat rate. Before committing to any move, it is good to know your options. Hourly rates are usually best for local moves. You can also reduce your costs by doing extra preparation like boxing up your possessions, or disassembling furniture before the movers arrive. Of course, if you would like to avoid doing this yourself, most Oahu moving companies are happy to do all the work, however, be prepared to pay for their time.

Also, if you are moving to or from a small condo or apartment, hourly rates can be ideal because these moving jobs can be rather quick. With hourly rates, local moving companies will often give you a time estimate, however, these can always go under or over the estimated time that was originally quoted. The benefit of hourly rates is that you only pay for the labor and work provided.

Flat Rate moving quotes are often good for long-distance moves either off-island or to Oahu. These jobs are usually larger and hourly rates would be too expensive. With these moves, it is important to provide as much detail about the move as possible. Movers will often need to know the total weight and size of items, and in most cases, will come out for an in-person inspection. One con to a flat rate move is often the customer can overpay or underpay for a job by miscalculating the number of items needing to be moved. In either situation, it can be a headache for all parties involved.

  • Check the movers Google 5 star reviews
  • Know how much to tip a mover for a moving service in Oahu
  • Do a Google search for “local mover near me” or “best Oahu moving companies”
  • Make sure the moving company has affordable rates
  • Make sure the movers are licensed and insured
  • Affordable professionals you can trust
  • Friendly, nearby service you can count on
  • Find the top-rated moving company near you
  • Offers residential and commercial services for Oahu moves
  • Make sure the moving companies offer packing / unpacking
About Oahu, Hawaii

The island of Oahu, located in the state of Hawaii, is a beautiful place to live. Out of all the islands in Hawaii, Oahu is by far the most populated. Honolulu, the state capital of Hawaii, is the largest city in the state, housing over three hundred thousand locals. Honolulu is the main hub for the US military and international business. The history and location of Oahu have transformed the island into a cultural melting pot. You can expect to find a wide variety of different cuisines and traditions from the east, west, and Pacific cultures.

Although Oahu is filled with tourists year-round, the Hawaiian islands are considered the most remote destination in the world. The closest population center is California, located over 2,000 miles away. Many tourists come from all over, including countries like Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Some popular attractions include surfing, hiking Diamondhead, shopping in Waikiki, visiting the famous beaches in North Shore, snorkeling Hanauma Bay, and of course, paying respects at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

The list goes on for activities that the Island of Oahu has to offer. For locals, it is a beautiful place to call home and a place to raise your ʻohana. If you plan on moving to Oahu, or any island for that matter, respect the culture and the people who inhabit it. Living in Oahu, especially Honolulu, can be crowded, so have patience when driving around the island. Respect your Kapuna and treat them like family. The island has so much to offer, from hunting tako to deep-sea Aku fishing, however, we ask that you be courteous of our resources and only take what you eat.

Oahu has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and we want you to enjoy them, however, it is important that you pick up after yourself. Our island is our ohana, and we want to keep it that way.