Waianae Moving Service

Affordable Moving Service in Waianae


Relocating to or from Waianae? Ewa Moving Co. would be happy to help you with this process. We have a dedicated Waianae moving team who can professionally move your residential or commercial establishment. Our Waianae movers are professionally trained to assist you with a wide variety of moving jobs. Learn more about what makes us special:

  • Cheapest hourly moving rates on Oahu (yes you read that right)
  • No hidden fees. All pricing is explained over the phone, and again upon arrival. Simple as that.
  • 99.6% of customers said they would use us again and/or refer us to family or friends.
  • Expect every piece of furniture to be wrapped top to bottom, and handled with care.
  • Our damage rates are extremely low, however, in the rare case that something does happen, we will make sure to expedite the claims process.
  • All our movers are fully insured and professionally trained.
  • Our team can handle any type of move. We can move a 6-bedroom house, a large office space, or even a small storage room.
  • We cover all of Oahu.
  • Expect our fully trained movers to show up early, well dressed in uniform, and ready to work hard. We believe we are the best movers in town and want to make you feel the same way.

Best Moving Rates in Waianae

Not only do we offer high quality work, but our moving rates are the most affordable on Oahu. We charge a flat, hourly rate with no hidden fees. Any costs associated with your move will be made available to you before the job is booked. Because our moving service is charged by the hour, our Waianae movers are fast and efficient to save you time and money. You can expect a professional moving service with every move. If you are in need of our packaging & unpackaging services, we would be glad to help you at no additional charge. Our movers can assemble and disassemble your furniture at no additional cost as well. 

Customer Satisfaction

At Ewa Moving Co., our number one priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We want to make sure your experience with Ewa Moving Co. is so amazing, that you tell your family and friends all about us. Our movers will help make this process stress-free and easy on your wallet. Our team is great with communication, so if there is any special requests, or additional questions or concerns you have for us, we would be happy to hear from you. If you are interested in getting a free quote in less than 3 minutes, give us a call today!

Customer Reviews

“Ewa Moving Co. is fantastic. I hired them to move my half of a 2bed/1bath across town. This was my first time hiring movers. Martin was responsive, helpful and put me at ease. The movers were communicative, on time, competent and efficient. The place I was leaving was located on a steep driveway in Palolo Valley, and they handled it like it was no problem. In the end, the price came out slightly lower than what I was quoted, and the movers stayed after to make sure everything was situated correctly at my new place. I’m really glad I went with them.”

– Suzanne F.

“Martin and his team crushed our move. They handled all of our extremely heavy items with care and had a large enough truck to fit our 4 bedroom house. Martin communicated quickly and efficiently, was on time and completed the job quicker than I anticipated. Mahalo Martin. Highly recommend.”

– Brandon S.

“What a wonderful company!! Great customer service and with professional quality workers. Highly recommend this company!”

– Kristen T.