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Sometimes moving from a small to a mid-sized condo can be trickier than moving to a larger home. Condo moves often involve multi-level units with narrow stairwells. An inexperienced mover can easily cause a lot of damage to your condo and your property. It is important that you hire someone who has experienced complications with a condo move. Our Oahu condo movers have professional training and first-hand experience with condo and multi-family moves.


Every condo move is different, so before we arrive on moving day, we will take a detailed report on the exact specifications your move will require. Whether it is a single-level or multi-level, we will create a plan of attack for your move. With the right preparation, we can make your move fast and efficiently. We will tape off doorways, corners, or risky areas in your condo with our double-sided moving blankets. By doing so, we can avoid damaging drywall or any other surface areas in your home. The most common places where damage occurs is inside the moving truck during transport. Things can shift around and become damaged.

The second most common place where damage occurs in moving large pieces of furniture up and down the stairs. Unfortunately, we learned these things the hard way when we were first getting started. Since then, we have developed the best techniques and practices to avoid these issues. Our movers will prepare the truck with padded blankets to protect your belongings from getting scratched and tie down any loose objects from shifting during transit. We assemble and disassemble large and bulky pieces of furniture so that your movers can carefully move them up and down the stairs.


Our condo moving team will carefully unload your belongings from the truck, and deliver them into each room. We will unwrap and properly place your furniture in its desired location. We can also help unbox your possessions and put them away. Our moving team works by the hour, so we can offer you a door-to-door move, or a full-service move based on your desired request. We are here to help you any way we can. If you are looking to move to of from a condominium, call us today for a free quote in under 3 minutes.

Why Ewa Moving Co.

Ewa Moving Company is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial moving company located in the heart of Ewa Beach. Due to the growing number of shops, malls, offices, and homes that have recently been constructed in the previous years, founder Martin Castoe decided to create a moving business to cater to the growing demand of the west side. What started off as a small operation has turned into a full team of movers catering to all of Oahu. Ewa Moving Co. prides itself on being fast & efficient and exceeding its customer’s expectations with every move. This trusted and professional moving company believes in giving back to the community, and that is why they offer the most affordable prices for residential and commercial moves. If you are in the military or over the age of 65, ask about discounts that may be available to you.