Furniture Assembly & Disassembly


Professional Furniture Assembly in Oahu

Sometimes it is necessary to take apart large furniture pieces to move them safely. When doing so, Ewa Moving Co. will properly store the screws and bolts to your furniture pieces so that we can properly assemble them upon arrival. Everything is carefully wrapped and transported safely

We do not charge an extra fee for furniture assembly, however, if you would like to speed up the process of moving, you are more than welcome to disassemble any furniture pieces before the move. When disassembling, we encourage you to keep ALL screws in a safe place. Below are a few of the most common items that our professional movers assemble and disassemble:

oahu furniture assembly graphic
  • Bed frames:

    Almost all bed frames must be taken apart before the move. Often, they are impossible to get through doorways unless they are disassembled and we want to make sure your property isn’t damaged!

  • Vanities & Dressers:

    Dressers can be very tricky to move around tight spaces, especially up and down stairs. It’s a common practice for our movers to take out the drawers to make the dresser lightweight and maneuverable. Vanities must be taken apart, especially if there is a mirror backing. This can easily snap off during a move if not disassembled.

  • Dining Room Sets:

    If the table is declared too heavy or bulky by the mover, it will often be dismantled, starting with the legs. Everything will be wrapped up and delivered to the new place of residence where it will be reassembled.

  • Shelves and Bookcases:

    Depending on the quality and type of wood used, these common household pieces may have to be taken apart so our movers can properly remove them and load them into the moving truck without damage. Lighter pieces made out of balsa wood can often be left intact and moved as-is. 

owner of ewa moving co. helping an oahu customer move

Additional Services:

Aside from assembling and dissembling your furniture, our professional moving team commonly deals with the items featured below. This should give you a better understanding for what you should expect when preparing your appliances and tv’s/electronics for the move.


If you are planning on having our movers relocate your large appliances such as a refrigerator, or a washer and dryer, we are capable of doing so, however, we do not uninstall/install such items. We recommend that you hire a handyman to complete this task, especially before the move.


Most residential moves require the relocation of large flat-screen TV’s. This is something that our movers are comfortable doing, however, we do not remove or uninstall mounted TVs. It is the responsibility of the customer to dismount any TV before the move. It is preferred if the customer provides the original TV box, however, we have the proper packaging materials to safely wrap and transport our customer’s TVs and other electronics.

Why Ewa Moving Co.

Ewa Moving Company is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial moving company located in the heart of Ewa Beach. Due to the growing number of shops, malls, offices, and homes that have recently been constructed in the previous years, founder Martin Castoe decided to create a moving business to cater to the growing demand of the west side. What started off as a small operation has turned into a full team of movers catering to all of Oahu. Ewa Moving Co. prides itself on being fast & efficient and exceeding its customer’s expectations with every move. This trusted and professional moving company believes in giving back to the community, and that is why they offer the most affordable prices for residential and commercial moves.